Woven Polypropylene Bags are a tough and robust form of packaging for the storing and transportation of products. BOPP is extruded into yarn, woven, then laminated onto photographic quality print, providing a high quality and attractive finished bag.

We can manufacture Polypropylene Bags using clear WPP if required, resulting in a “window” appearance to display the bags contents.

Woven Polypropylene bags can also be manufactured using a coloured PP depending upon customers colour requirements. Up to six colours.

A sealed liner made of H.D.P.E. or L.D.P.E. film can also be inserted and sewn into the bag if required. This prevents the liner from collapsing into the outer bag when filling with product.

Woven Polypropylene bags can be manufactured with the addition of U.V. Stabilizer to protect and extend the effective lifespan of the bag if used or stored outdoors for any period.

Woven Polypropylene is also recyclable.

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