ReUsable Shopping Bags



Our ReUsable Tote Shopping Bags can be constructed from a wide range of different environmental fabrics, and most of these include recycled materials.

Non-Woven Polypropylene (our most popular bag),  Cotton,  Jute (Hessian), Woven Polypropylene, Loop Handle PE (recycled), RPET (recycled PET bottles), Nylon (foldable bags)

Bags come with sturdy handles for better support and ease of handling, and most are
provided with a removeable base board to further strengthen the bag.

Bags can be customised with your own brand logo and design, and can be produced to whatever dimensions required.

Bags are wholesale priced, are eco-friendly, and ideal as a packing solution for trade shows, retail promos, or as a general merchant bag for your brand promotion.

They are also ideal for gifting, tradeshows and corporate giveaways.

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