Compressed wood pallets are an alternative to conventional wood and plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are subjected to strict import restrictions, and plastic pallets to environmental accusations. Made from recycled wood fibres, our pallets are eco-friendly and comply with ISPM 15 Guidelines.

Presswood Pallets can carry substantial load capacities, are weather resistant, relatively lightweight, nestable, stackable and can be used with or without a bottom skid.

They can help reduce your storage space, freight costs during shipment, whilst being environmentally friendly.

  • Fully in compliance with ISPM 15 Guidelines
  • Nestable, 4-way entry
  • Comes with detachable bottom skids if required
  • Ideal for airfreight
  • Can be used on roller conveyor with or without bottom skids
  • Strong and durable physical properties
  • Suitable for out-door use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Assists companies meet ISO 14000

For more information on Presswood Pallets please call or email us for a direct response.