Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bags are a cost effective means of storing and transporting many different products such as sand, rocks/gravel, fertilisers, grains, chemicals and food products.

Our broad range of FIBCs allows you to choose the type of construction and lifting style depending on your filling and discharging requirements.

Options include baffle type, top/bottom valve and bags with PE liners are also available.

FIBC Bulk Bags Construction:

  • U-Panel construction
  • Circular/Tubular construction
  • Baffle construction
  • Four side panel construction
  • Round construction

FIBC Bulk Bag Lifting options:

  • Cross corner lifting loops
  • Corner lifting loops
  • Four loops
  • Two loops
  • Sling loops

For more information on Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers and Bags please call or email.