Water Soluble Packaging Equipment

Delivering premeasured chemicals from mixers and mixing tanks into water soluble bags made with PVA or PVOH film, insures consistent quantities, prevents spills and protects personnel from potential exposure to hazardous substances.


When the production of thousands of packages per day is required, the most economical and efficient means of filling is via a VFF&S machine.

Most VFF&S machines are not designed to accommodate stretchy, sticky, powdered coated films such as PVA film, however PACKSPEC equipment supplier have successfully customised their equipment design to successfully accommodate this process and fill packages using water soluble films for both powders and liquids.


Industrial products packaged in water soluble films via VFF&S machines include agricultural chemicals, water treatment chemicals, concrete additives, concrete dyes, industrial chemicals and general powder and liquid materials.

A typical machine has an output capacity of 40 – 65 bags/minute, and they can produce packs: Length 40-150mm & Width 20-120mm tolerances.


A semi automatic VFF&S machine will measure the contents, pre-form the bags, fill the bags, then seal, cut, and print codes on each bag if required.


Our machines can pack various liquids, pastes or powder forms of foodstuff, household chemicals, cosmetics, shampoo, gel, lotions etc.