Water Soluble Packaging Equipment

Delivering premeasured chemicals from mixers and mixing tanks into water soluble bags made with PVA or PVOH film, insures consistent quantities, prevents spills and protects personnel from potential exposure to hazardous substances.


When the production of thousands of packages per day is required, the most economical and efficient means of filling is via a VFF&S machine.

Most VFF&S machines are not designed to accommodate stretchy, sticky, powdered coated films such as PVA film, however PACKSPEC equipment supplier have successfully customised their equipment design to successfully accommodate this process and fill packages using water soluble films for both powders and liquids.


Industrial products packaged in water soluble films via VFF&S machines include agricultural chemicals, water treatment chemicals, concrete additives, concrete dyes, industrial chemicals and general powder and liquid materials.

A typical machine has an output capacity of 40 – 65 bags/minute, and they can produce packs: Length 40-150mm & Width 20-120mm tolerances.


A semi automatic VFF&S machine will measure the contents, pre-form the bags, fill the bags, then seal, cut, and print codes on each bag if required.


Our machines can pack various liquids, pastes or powder forms of foodstuff, household chemicals, cosmetics, shampoo, gel, lotions etc.

Compostable Bio Plastic

PACKSPEC launches a Compostable Bio Plastic.

Mater-Bi® is the brand name of a completely biodegradable and compostable bioplastic that contain renewable resources such as starch and plant oil.

Mater-Bi® is used to produce environmentally friendly products to replace most common plastics/bags that have historically been produced made from petroleum based resins.

The Italian compostable bioplastics manufacturer Novamont, also recently revealed that its Mater-Bi bioplastic has been found to be fully marine biodegradable. (source: HYDRA Institute for Marine Science, Germany, University of Siena)

These studies showed that samples of Mater-Bi® bioplastics exposed to marine microorganisms demonstrated the same levels of biodegradation as cellulose and paper, with the speed of biodegradation increasing as the size of the bioplastic pieces decreased. This means that small particles of plastic known as microplastics, created by the biodegradation of Mater-Bi® are not persistent in the environment and fully biodegrade after 20-30 days.

The intrinsic biodegradability of Mater-Bi® product is a factor that can mitigate most ecological risks, and prevents the pollution of waterways and the marine environment, 80 per cent of which is caused by inadequate management of waste on land

What are the components of Mater-Bi®?

Corn starch:

– From non-genetically modified plants

– From European cultivation according to GAP (EU common agricultural policy)

– The resources for Mater-Bi® are neither cultivated on deforested areas nor on untouched natural areas.

Plant oil:

Oil from non-genetically modified plants, which are adapted to arid places and barely require irrigation, is used to produce components of third-generation Mater-Bi® material.

Neither soya nor palm oil is used for the production of Mater-Bi®.

ReUsable Shopping Bags



Our ReUsable Tote Shopping Bags can be constructed from a wide range of different environmental fabrics, and most of these include recycled materials.

Non-Woven Polypropylene (our most popular bag),  Cotton,  Jute (Hessian), Woven Polypropylene, Loop Handle PE (recycled), RPET (recycled PET bottles), Nylon (foldable bags)

Bags come with sturdy handles for better support and ease of handling, and most are
provided with a removeable base board to further strengthen the bag.

Bags can be customised with your own brand logo and design, and can be produced to whatever dimensions required.

Bags are wholesale priced, are eco-friendly, and ideal as a packing solution for trade shows, retail promos, or as a general merchant bag for your brand promotion.

They are also ideal for gifting, tradeshows and corporate giveaways.

Multiwall Paper Sacks

Paper Sacks can be used for packing 5 to 50 kilos of powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, minerals,…

Woven Polypropylene Bags

Woven Polypropylene Bags are a tough and robust form of packaging for the storing and transportation of products….

Presswood Pallets

Compressed wood pallets are an alternative to conventional wood and plastic pallets.

Kraft Paper Bags – Coloured, Brown or White

Our Paper Bags are among the strongest and hardest wearing bags on the market. All bags feature strong handles, quality print and solid glued seams. Our brown kraft paper carry bags are made from high strength recyclable and biodegradable paper and can be printed with your company or product information.
Bags come with either Flat Paper or Twisted Paper handles which are taped securely for added strength.

FIBC Bulk Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bags are a cost effective means of storing and transporting many different products such…